Monday, 21 October 2013


This week I had a lovely email from the people of Tumblr, telling me that my own tumblr had turned one :) What a proud day, here is the link -> <-. I use all of my social media outlets differently. My tumblr tends to be reblogs of pretty things, it's part online journal, part me trying to figure out the internet. I use it a lot more now that I have remembered the password and I've downloaded the app on my phone. I tend to use tumblr a lot more when I have assignments and writing to do because I can scroll for hours (procrastination for the nation!) and the nice images inspire me enough to work whilst not overstimulating me enough to loose track of what I'm doing. I also update most of my modelling adventures on tumblr because it's linked to my instagram. It's easy to keep track of things on tumblr if you can use it properly (which I can't). So yes, here is my toddler tumblr.

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